28th Harry K Foundation/Rehoboth Beach Chocolate Festival

Where: Alantic Sands Hotel & Conference Center

atlantic sandsA great getaway weekend!

Stay at the Atlantic Sands Hotel while enjoying the Chocolate Festival and all that Rehoboth has to offer!


When: March 9, 2018

Event starts at 11am

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A History of the Chocolate Festival

Did you know that the Chocoloate Festival was the brainchild of our very own Patty Derrick? It happened like this...

In 1990, Patty was the 1991 Rehoboth Beach Centennial Chairman appointed by the Mayor and was on the board of the Downtown Business Association (now Main Street Rehoboth). Twelve events were planned for the centennial year, one for each month. Just before the 1991 Centennial was to begin, Patty, her husband and two friends were leaving for vacation in Hawaii and Tahoe when the Possum Players cancelled their performance of "A History of Rehoboth Beach" due to a death in the family. A replacement event was needed. Patty put the printing of the Centennial brochures on hold until her return. While in Tahoe, Patty's friend Cindy DelCampo, a self-confessed chocoholic, saw an ad for a Chocolate Festival and dragged Patty along. There were no tickets available but they managed to meet the man in charge and he let them in. Thinking this might be a possible replacement event for the Centennial, they talked to him at length about the logistics of putting on the festival.

When she returned to Rehoboth Beach, Patty took the Chocolate Festival idea back to the committee and it was approved. Knowing she would need numerous volunteers, Patty, being a VIA member, appealed to the VIA. Of course, the VIA members were there to help. The Chocolate Festival was so successful that it has been held annually. The one thing that has been consistent each year is the support of the VIA.

Over the years, the Chocolate Festival has evolved from a contest to a restaurant promotion. All proceeds from this wonderful event will go directly feeding hungry children throughout the state of Delaware through the Harry K Foundation School Food Pantries, Backpack Program and the Baby Pantry.